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Legislative Day Timetable, Feb. 2, 2022

8:30 am

Arrive in Annex Room 154

8:30 - 9:30 am

Welcomes and Orientation Program 

9:30 am

Visits to Legislator offices begin

Deliver Talking Points and Gifts


On your own following Legislative visits

After lunch    

Return to Rally Room 154    

Report on Legislator visits

Prepare “Thank You” Card for Legislators

1:45 pm    Leave for walk to Capitol

    Senate and House Galleries open

2:00 pm    Senate Convenes

4:00 pm    House Convenes



You will be provided with talking points to share with legislators. Here are links to PDF versions.

HB 354 -- End Requirements for CAPA-CS

HB 268 -- Mary Carol Akers Birth Centers Act 

HB 354 Bill Language and Sponsors

HB 268 Bill Language and Sponsors

Share your report with Advocacy team 

Be sure to compete the report after your visit with your legislators to let the Advocacy team know how the meeting went and if that legislator is supportive of the bills or if a question arose that requires a follow up.

Submit your report online.

Visitor Parking and Information

The Capitol campus parking garage can be accessed via Old Lawrenceburg Road or from Capitol Ave. Some public parking and handicap accessible parking is available on the surface lot of the garage, on the east side of the Annex. Floors 4-6 also provide parking for the public. You may access those floors via the one-way ramps on each end of the garage. Floor 2 and half of Floor 3 are reserved parking by permit only.


The Capitol and the Capitol Annex both have a handicap accessible entrance. A map of Capitol campus parking is available here


Security at the Capitol & Annex 

Have your ID ready. You will need to sign in at the security station at the public entrance located at the center front of the annex. 

COVID Precautions 

Masks are recommended at the Capitol. All LRC employees are masked.

Directions to the Capitol 

Link to the LRC's "How to Get here" page.

View the current appointments with legislators list 

Once you have made  your visit or completed your call, please help deliver Talking Points and gifts to other legislators offices. Being visible and meeting as many legislators as possible is a GREAT thing on legislative day. Sorry this link has expired.

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