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Website outages experienced, new preventions installed

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Users of the website may have experienced connection difficulties during certain times from Oct. 25, 2020 to the present. Members attempting to log on would find the site unresponsive and unable to load.

The tech team at YourMembership discovered that the company's servers were being deluged by calls for connection designed to saturate the system until it could not respond to normal traffic.

As described by David Miller, Executive Vice President, Associations for YourMembership in communications with KANPNM, "We understand how frustrating and challenging these service disruptions are for you and your members especially during this critical and busy time of the year. As mentioned in the last update, our development and security teams discovered this service disruption was due to a significant increase in unfriendly automated traffic, also known as 'bots.'

Throughout this, our security team has reviewed your environment. We find no evidence of compromise. While we find no cause to believe this is a security related manner, we will continue to monitor and will inform you immediately if our conclusion changes.

As of approximately 11 a.m. ET (Oct.30) our engineering teams in partnership with Microsoft were able to fully isolate and resolve the service disruption that had impacted YourMembership. Although we are confident in the solutions we have put in place, rest assured our teams will continue to closely monitor YourMembership throughout the weekend to ensure our service levels remain consistent and immediately resolve any issues should they arise."

YourMembership has partnered with Microsoft and AWS engineers to speed and resolve these issues. Some connection difficulties may be experienced as additional diagnostics and corrective measures are monitored and installed.

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