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Wear your APRN pride on your sleeve, laptop case or coffee mug!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

APRNs LEAD merchandise available now with the launch of the Association Store.

Showing your pride in profession just got a whole lot easier for members as the first items from the Association's online store debut for sale.

You will be able to seek out the APRNs LEAD merchandise display at CC34 (Coalition Conference Number 34!) to view a selection of the fun, useful and decorative products that tell the world you are a proud Advanced Practice Registered Nurse ... or a student on their way to becoming one.

Among the tee-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts offered you will also see cell phone

cases, pillows and tote bags that are not only great additions to your wardrobe but help raise APRN visibility.

Making the rest of the world aware of just how many great APRNs are living, working and leading in our communities is the aim of Association PR and Visibility Chairman Krista Roach.

Roach's determination that members are able to show themselves as belonging to this highly skilled, compassionate group of professionals who put their passion for improving the health of people into practice every day has led to the creation of this online shop.

Nurse practitioners are informed, in touch and involved. It's no wonder that they are the health care providers of choice for millions of Americans every day!

It’s time to get loud and proud about the importance of APRNs to health care delivery, success in patient care and patient satisfaction!

As the Association store gets up and running, we would love to hear your suggestions for merchandise. What other items would you like to see offered? Do you have an idea for a logo or slogan that you are sure would be a hit with colleagues? Send your suggestions by email here .. and who knows? You might find your idea on the virtual shelf one day!

The Association Store at is open now. TAKE ME TO THE STORE

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