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Research Opportunity: Opioid Treatment Study for Clinicians and Patients

University of Kentucky and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences seeks clinicians to interview about delivery of opioid treatment via telehealth

Primary care providers (including MDs, DOs, NPs, and PAs) who prescribe buprenorphine to treat opioid use disorder are invited to participate in a study led by researchers at the University of Kentucky and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. This study will ask about your experience with telehealth for this type of treatment.

You may participate in the study by volunteering for a phone interview that will last approximately 45 minutes, scheduled at your convenience. Participants who complete the study will be compensated for their time.

Your responses may help us understand more about providing buprenorphine treatment in this setting, particularly in light of some recent policy changes regarding buprenorphine treatment and telehealth.

To learn more or enroll, call 859.562.2643 or email A member of the study team will promptly contact you to answer your questions, determine your eligibility, and schedule an interview time.

The research team is also looking for patients receiving buprenorphine treatment, and would gladly share patient recruiting flyers upon request.

Please email or for more information about the study and recruiting materials.

Clinician flyer approved 2.1.22
Download PDF • 804KB

Patient Flyer Approved 2.1.22
Download PDF • 445KB

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