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Ky Special Legislative Session 2021: What passed and what it means

FRANKFORT (Sept 9, 2021)

Jeff Busic, McCarthy Strategic Solutions

At almost midnight yesterday, the General Assembly wrapped up the three day Special Session giving passage to five pieces of legislation (HJR 1 passed on Tuesday). Yesterday’s floor action saw a lot of debate over whether too much power was being taken away from the Governor and over the previous issued mask mandates in schools and healthcare settings issued by the Governor’s administration. Within hours after SB 1 (Education Flexibility Bill) & SB 2 (Healthcare Flexibility Bill) were passed, Governor Beshear attempted to line-team veto the mask mandate portions of those bills. The Legislature quickly overrode his vetoes.

Additionally, Senator Ralph Alvarado filed Senate Bill 8 ( SB 8 Language) yesterday which would have appropriated over $80 million to help hospitals and nursing homes retain & recruit nurses and other healthcare personnel. Several members of the Senate gave passionate speeches on the floor begging Governor Beshear to amend his Special Session call in order for SB 8 to be acted upon. Governor Beshear’s call specifically limited the amount that could be appropriated to $69 million, which was already appropriated in Senate Bill 3. The call did not get amended.

Below are the links to the final bills/resolution that passed during the Special Session.

House Joint Resolution 1 – Extension of Executive Orders

Senate Bill 1 – Education Flexibility Bill

Senate Bill 2 – Healthcare Flexibility Bill

Senate Bill 3 – Appropriations Bill

Senate Bill 5 – Economic Development Incentives Bill

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