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Get your smile on at an APRN Virtual Happy Hour

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Reconnect with colleagues in an online social event

One of the sadder byproducts of the pandemic is the loss of the usual opportunities for face-to-face connections. Casual social gatherings for lunch or dinner together with friends are on hold. Most interactions we have with people are relegated to those that are "necessary" meaning work-related, socially distant and all business.

We have even lost the ability to see one another's smiles as masks are required for all interactions. Such precautions are necessary -- but as time and the pandemic wears on -- the loss of familiar, fun gatherings, meetings and conversations becomes more acute.

Let's get our smiles back for a fun chat and gathering in a virtual "Happy Hour" hosted by KANPNM. Mark your calendars for Thursday evening, Dec. 17, 8:30 pm E, 7:30 pm C for this new event. The event is set a little later in the evening in order to allow guests to finish up their daytime chores and to allow NPs from all over Kentucky to participate. Guests are encouraged to pour themselves their favorite beverage and join the Zoom to see familiar faces and make new friends. Just for fun, the host will guide the conversation and lead in a demonstration of how to prepare "The Chemist Cosmo," a beautiful ruby red drink perfect for holiday parties.

The Ultimate Party Song Playlist is another goal of the event as guests will be encouraged to share their favorite jams for inclusion on a Spotify playlist that all will be able to share and enjoy after the event.

The constraints of life during the pandemic have narrowed many chances to treat ourselves, step back from work and decompress from the stress of the day. If you are ready for some light-hearted conversation and fun, then please register for the Happy Hour. CLICK TO REGISTER

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