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Education, information and camaraderie at Regional Meetings

Few things in a career can feel as comforting and welcoming as finding yourself in a group of your peers. You can relax in the knowledge that these people "get it." They have traveled the same paths to achievement and probably encounter the same challenges as you in their day-to-day world.

Whether it's about finding a good "work/life" balance, learning tips to keep up with reporting to KBN and KASPER, deciphering the latest regs or collaborating on issues that affect your patients -- your fellow Association members are there to help.

KANPNM's regional meetings are the perfect place to connect with fellow APRNs. The events are often paired with a meal and an education presentation about new techniques or therapies. Attendees will hear updates about the Association's policy and advocacy goals and enjoy the opportunity to discuss the health care issues at hand in their own communities.

Regional meetings are often the place where new Association program and activity ideas start. Casual brainstorming and member discussion at these meetings keeps the organization as a whole focused on the topics and needs of its members.

Some of the Association's recent innovations, like development of our online learning platform, expanded communications through the KANPNM365 app and emphasis on member engagement owe their beginnings to conversations in our regional meetings.

While COVID-19 safety protocols made traditional in-person regional gatherings difficult, several regions launched virtual meetings to keep involvement opportunities available. Now, as restrictions are lessened and more of the population is vaccinated, regional meetings are finally able to resume to a semblance of their former form.

Please contact your local Regional Director if you have any questions and keep a watch for email notifications as to the next meeting, its topic and how you can Rsvp to attend.

Meet your team of Regional Directors! These are the APRNs organizing, arranging and leading the programs in your area.

Contact your Regional Director easily with these email links.

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