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Earn rewards for sharing the Association when you sign up a new active member

The "Each One, Reach One" campaign sets a path wherein members can earn recruitment credits and save money on their OWN yearly dues. Sign up 12 new members and your dues are FREE!

It's a contest where everyone wins -- and the size of your reward is dependent on your ability to share the importance of KANPNM membership with other APRNs in your community.

The organization wins as you help add new member faces, talents and ideas to our vibrant collection of APRNs.

That new member wins as they become active in regional meetings, conferences, online learning opportunities and as they meet and connect with colleagues.

You win when you introduce those new active members to the organization dedicated to enhancing their education, leadership skills and engaged in advocacy for patients and profession.

It is absolutely possible to recruit your way to getting a FREE MEMBERSHIP to the Association! That's 12 new active members referred and recruited by you, each resulting in a $10 credit toward your next dues renewal -- 12 x $10 credit = Free one year membership for you.

The Association has a long list of benefits to members -- everything from the online Prescribing Guide and "Ask the APRN Expert" feature to the amazing education opportunities that come from regional meetings, Coalition Conference or the Association online CE Center.

The Association works to keep our members informed on regulatory and licensing deadlines, circulates ideas and tips to make it easy to stay in compliance and broadcasts the latest health care news and agency bulletins that affect your patients and practice.

Plus, KANPNM leads the way in making sure that APRNs are always part of the ideas and solutions when it's time to craft health care policy in Kentucky.

APRN leaders -- like you -- are what makes high quality and accessible health care possible all over the state and the Association is here to help you connect to your profession and to give youth resources you need to be successful.

The message is simple: You do not have to go it alone. The Association is here to help when the challenges, stressors and questions that are inherent in nursing come along.

Membership in the Association provides a network of support, resources, information, connectivity and collaboration. Many of our members have been involved with the Coalition, and now the Association, for decades.

The organization has a great story that is over thirty-five years in the making and is centered on the amazing talents and successes of its members that translate into positive patient outcomes.

It's time to re-tell the story and actively share this wonderful organization with more APRNs.

Step up and be the bearer of the invitation that connects more APRNs to their professional organization. When you do, ask for the new member to mention you on their membership application as the person who asked them to join.

"Each One, Reach One" is a winning strategy for APRNs and Kentucky patients -- and it begins with YOU. Let's double up our numbers and multiply the power and positive effects of Advanced practice registered nurses here in the Commonwealth.

THE FINE PRINT: "Each One, Reach One" Campaign details: Active member = APRNs licensed in KY or another state and Students gaining licensed status. Maximum credit of $120 annually. To be eligible, returning members must have been lapsed 1 full year.

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