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COVID Diaries: Share your perceptions of work and life during the pandemic

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

With a possible special Legislative Session on the horizon to impact the Executive Orders that have extended health care access and services during the pandemic -- it is more important than ever to tell the stories of how APRNs have risen to address the challenges of COVID-19.

Detailing work and life for Nurse Practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your perspective and your experiences are important and valuable.

With your assistance, we can raise awareness of the many innovations made, lives saved, patient needs met, education provided, ongoing quality health care administered and more that APRNs have made happen every day during the global pandemic.

The public needs to know the many ways that the comprehensive care of APRNs “goes the extra mile” for their patients. People need to better understand the contributions made by APRNs in hospitals, college classrooms, research departments, private clinics, nursing homes, delivery rooms, health departments, K-12 Schools and more.

With your help and your stories — we can make that happen.

Please consider sharing your perceptions and insights so the Association Advocacy team can best illustrate the leadership, selflessness and expertise of our members during this most difficult time.


Please send an email to Jill, your KANPNM Executive Director, that describes your unique COVID-19 insights and stories.

Things to include:

Your Name Your Specialty Area Telephone Number Address YOUR STORY : Your APRN Insights and Experiences during COVID-19 pandemic

Need a prompt to get your story started?

• What have the biggest challenges brought on by pandemic? • What successes have you created / found / been part of during pandemic? • Have you experienced burnout / exhaustion during pandemic? • How have lockdowns / isolation impacted your patients? How did you respond? • Have you felt impacts from workload associated with COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, treatments? • Working through lockdowns — did it create challenges to you as a provider? • How did pandemic affect your ability to teach or care for students? • Did you experience PPE shortages? • What do you wish people understood about COVID-19?

Thank you in advance for your candor and your participation!

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