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CNM Affairs Committee is back and seeks your participation

Robin Centner, APRN, CNM, MSN

Hello to my fellow APRNs/CNMs. I am Robin Centner and I have been a CNM for 21 years serving the NKY/ Cincinnati, Ohio area. I am no longer catching babies due to a car accident that I was involved in several years ago. However, I felt that I needed to continue to support my mammas and my babies. I do that by chairing the CNM Affairs Committee.

The CNM Affairs Committee was formed in 2013 when the practice that I was employed at was suddenly dissolved and Mary Carol Akers was fighting to get a CON for her free standing birth center. The committee did an enormous amount of work between 2013-2016 working to remove the CON for birth centers. Having exhausted all plausible avenues at the time, the committee has been pretty much dormant.

Well, guess what? The issues we were fighting then are still being faced today. I am pleased to announce that we are bringing back the CNM affairs committee! The mission of the committee is threefold:

1) To define and prioritize issues that are adversely affecting CNMs in the state,

2) To advocate for change that supports our profession,

3) Work as a liaison between the KANPNM Governmental Affairs Committee, the Kentucky Affiliate of the ACNM and stakeholders that have agreeable or opposing positions.

The committee is comprised of a small group of qualified members. Any APRN/CNM who is passionate about our profession is welcomed to join -- especially students!

The time commitment will be minimal at first, with one meeting every two months for about 45 minutes. Duties will vary depending on prioritizing. Let’s make full practice authority a reality in Kentucky and remove the CAPA-CS in 2023! Remove the CON for Birth Centers -- I Know WE can!

Join the CNM Affairs Committee by selecting the "Join" Link on this page. (The "Join" Link is small and in upper right corner of the browser window.)

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