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CDC Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity Videos of recent COVID-19 Communications

Video links to CDC COCA (Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity) Zoom Calls regarding COVID-19 vaccines

Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity (COCA) prepares clinicians to respond to emerging health threats and public health emergencies by communicating relevant, timely information related to disease outbreaks, disasters, terrorism events, and other health alerts.

In many instances, KANPNM members were unable to view the COCA calls live. Links to videos of the presentations are included below. COVID-19 Vaccines: Update on Allergic Reactions, Contraindications, and Precautions (Wednesday, December 30, 2020) During this COCA call, clinicians will give an overview of recommendations for use of COVID-19 vaccines in certain populations. Clinicians will learn more about the recent reports of anaphylaxis following vaccination, as well as CDC’s updated clinical considerations around contraindications and precautions to vaccination. What Clinicians Need to Know About the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines (Friday, December 18, 2020) This COCA Call will give clinicians an overview of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. Clinicians will learn about vaccine characteristics and administration, vaccinating special populations, and contraindications. They will also get answers to a number of clinical questions CDC has received about these new vaccines. What Every Clinician Should Know about COVID-19 Vaccine Safety (Monday, December 14, 2020) During this COCA call, clinicians will learn how they can educate their patients about what to expect after COVID-19 vaccination. In addition, they will learn how they can play an important role in monitoring the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. This includes encouraging patients to enroll in v-safe, a new smartphone-based, after-vaccination health checker for people who receive COVID-19 vaccines, and to use v-safe to report how they’re feeling. Clinicians also will learn how to report adverse events (possible side effects) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Emergency Preparedness and Response web page for more COCA information and to sign up for COCA Announcements, Newsletters and Resources

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