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Bring a "Blessing Bag" to 33rd Annual Coalition Conference service project

As we reconnect in the joy of shared purpose and great continuing education events, let's take this opportunity to give a little something back to our host community. Your donation of personal hygiene items will go to assist the Louisville non-profit "The Healing Place" whose mission is described on their website as " reach individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, provide the tools for recovery, and restore meaningful and productive lives.recovery, and restore meaningful and productive lives."

"Every day, The Healing Place provides food, shelter, clothing, and recovery services to nearly 1,000 individuals at no cost to the client."

KANPNM members are asked to assemble a "Blessing Bag," which means fill a gallon zip lock bag with your choice of underwear, socks, wash cloths, bottles of body wash, shampoo or conditioner, deodorant, razors, and shaving cream etc. and drop off at the conference registration desk.

Monetary donations are also welcome.

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