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"Blessing Bags" and more gathered at CC33 go to aid "The Healing Place"

The generosity of Coalition Conference attendees sent huge boxes of toiletry items to the Louisville non-profit that works to reach individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, provide them tools for recovery, and help restore them to meaningful and productive lives.

"Every day, The Healing Place provides food, shelter, clothing, and recovery services to nearly 1,000 individuals at no cost to the client."

Conference attendees were asked to assemble a "Blessing Bag," which means fill a gallon zip lock bag with your choice of underwear, socks, wash cloths, bottles of body wash, shampoo or conditioner, deodorant, razors, and shaving cream etc. and drop off at the conference registration desk.

The photo shows representatives from the The Healing Place meeting with KANPNM Executive Director Jill York and Coalition Conference Manager Suzanne Adams to load up and transfer the big boxes of donated items.

In addition to the bagged items, KANPNM donated $250 in cash and had the leftover box lunches from the General Membership Meeting sent to The Blessing Place where they would be enjoyed and welcomed by those at the center.

Thank you to all who donated to this most worthwhile service project!

The Healing Place's website describes the aim of the center in this way. "Every day at The Healing Place, men and women come through our doors who are broken and need hope. Hope for unconditional love. Hope for healing. Hope for understanding. Hope to be heard. Hope for a different future. We want that for each and every person we see. We want that for our community."


Within days of the delivery of items, the Association received a thank you note with many signatures indicating that the items were met with gladness and gratitude.

KANPNM and Coalition Conference were proud to partner with The Healing Place in this endeavor.

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