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APRNs are everywhere!

We hope you'll display your Conference tote bags, your "APRN" pins and other items that let the world know you are a proud APRN in all your travels.

We see you there -- caring for people in your community, working on that research project and helping those students get ready for the next phase of their training.

We see you at conference -- carefully balancing your notebook and handouts on your knee because COVID-19 protocols mean that extra space must be built in for seating and tables can't be used.

We see you taking care of your family. There you are at the grocery store, the little league field or the the nursing home. Maybe you are packing goodies and kiddos to the babysitter, loading up a picnic lunch or tossing towels in your bag for a getaway.

Wherever you are, you are carrying the compassion, the professionalism and expertise of your profession with you. And, as you go, we love to see Coalition Conference and Association gear accompanying you so everyone you encounter will know an APRN is present.

Visibility is important. Even little things can help raise public awareness to the importance and value of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in the delivery of high quality health care.

So, wear that lapel pin. Put that Association sticker on your vehicle. Carry that tote bag and be ready to tell those that ask why you love being an APRN.

To make our visibility campaign fun, we invite your photos of you or your APRN gear in all the wild, fun, weird or ordinary places you go.

Cheers to Danny Albertson, APRN, London, Ky., for getting our photo tour off to a tropical start with this unbelievable view of a beach in Puerto Rico that looks all the cooler because of the "COALITION CONFERENCE" tote bag on the scene. Send your "APRNs are EVERYWHERE" photo along by email here and let's turn up this wonderful profession's visibility to the world!

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