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Assist with Western Kentucky Tornado Recovery Efforts

OTC Meds and other medical supplies needed in damaged areas

Reports from our members who have been in the most affected areas describe devastation that has leveled local provider clinics and pharmacies. Storm survivors whose homes were destroyed are often housing with unaffected neighbors, making for crowded living conditions.

APRNs have identified a need for Over the Counter Medications and other medical supplies. First Aid stations in the damaged areas are working to treat both local survivor needs and those of volunteers who have arrived to help with clean up and shelter creation.

The threat of Omicron exposures, the winter weather and the hazards of working with shattered and sharp debris clean-up have the potential to make already difficult living conditions even more dire and deadly. In the many resources donated to help -- it appears that basic first aid, medical supplies and OTC medications were neglected.

HOW YOU CAN HELP -- KANPNM is working to coordinate the delivery of OTC meds and other medical supplies into the affected areas and seeks your help.

The Association will purchase and ship or deliver items from this list to first aid stations or local health departments in the affected areas.

The list of needed items so far include:

Cold Medication

Cold/Flu Meds



Antibiotic ointments

Allergy Meds

Diabetic Glucometers

​Diabetic Test Strips

Cough Meds


Extensive information about items needed and multiple local and verified funds to send donations.

Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund

CLICK HERE TO DONATE Established by the Governor, the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund to assist those impacted by the tornados and the severe weather system overnight on December 10, 2021.

If you would like to mail in a donation, please make your check to Kentucky State Treasurer. In the memo line please note the donation is for the"Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund." Send check to Public Protection Cabinet, 500 Mero Street, 218 NC, Frankfort, KY 40601. Your tax-deductible donation will benefit the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

Volunteer your skills where most needed with coordination by Kentucky Emergency Management.

Apply to participate in a statewide team of professionally trained volunteer behavioral health professionals, Fire, EMS, law enforcement, faith based, school, public health and others approved by the Board who are ready to respond in the event of emergencies.

"Communities are scrambling to assess the damage after one of the worst tornado events in state history swept across western Kentucky on Dec. 11, 2021. The state has announced that 77 Kentuckians are confirmed dead. Thousands of Kentuckians remain without power and many are without shelter.

By the end of December, communities were 'overflowing' with donations and supplies, according to local emergency management officials. They ask that people delay physical donations, and consider giving money instead."

From WFPL's Comprehensive List of Resources for Relief and Recovery in Western Kentucky


Please let us know how we can help you and your community. Email the Association Executive Director

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