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18 Days of APRN Visibility and Action

Your presence during the 2023 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly sends a visible and impactful message that APRNs take action for their patients and profession.

American businessman, author and syndicated columnist Harvey Mackay, whose observations appear in over 100 newspapers, is known for both his work ethic and sound advice.

Mackay has very succinct guidance for those who wish to succeed at most any task at hand:
“You can beat 80% of the competition just by showing up.”

When the Kentucky General Assembly convenes in January for its short 30-day session, the hallways and meeting rooms will be jam-packed with people bringing their ideas and issues forward to discuss with their local legislators.

Lawmakers, who themselves have travelled from all distances across the bluegrass to the capitol city to serve, understand the commitment of citizens who feel strongly enough about their issues that they come in person to speak with their representatives.

The importance of a face-to-face conversation between a legislator and their constituent who has traveled specifically to convey their opinion, recommendation or concern cannot be discounted.

As legislators in-boxes fill up with thousands of emails, many of which are sorted and deleted by staff if the writer of the note does not live in the lawmakers district, most assistants know to fast-track access for appointments to "people from home."

During this short-session calendar, there are 18 days of prime opportunity for APRNs, Students and APRN supporters to show up at the Capitol to speak to their very own local legislators.

The goal is to have APRN advocates in place and visible on every one of the 18 days. Interactions on those days could range from sitting in on committee meetings with your legislator, arranging a meeting with them in their office or catching a cup of coffee with them in the annex cafeteria.

These 18 days provide a wonderful opportunity for you to be an ambassador for your profession. If you schedule some time to be present at the capitol, you are certain to be introduced to legislators which creates a great chance to find common ground in connections and answer questions about what you do and what brings you to Frankfort.

KANPNM Advocacy team members will be available to meet you and guide visiting APRNs who register the days they can come and spend some time "seeing and being seen" around the Capitol and the legislative office annex.

Review the targeted 18 Days on the legislative calendar here. The days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning on February 7 and running through March 16, 2023.

RS_Calendar General Assembly 2023
Download PDF • 508KB

You can review the Legislative Committee schedule here to help you select a day that both meets your interests and schedule.

Download PDF • 27KB

Kentucky APRNs Legislative Day falls on February 15 this year and it traditionally sees a big turnout to lobby for APRNs and Health Care issues. Please put that date on your schedule -- but do try to find another date among the 18 Days where you can SHOW UP for advocacy.

The scheduling app above lets you select your capitol visit dates easily and will alert KANPNM staff and Advocacy team of when to expect you.

We look forward to seeing 18 Days of APRN presence, brilliance and advocacy in Frankfort this year! Thank you for your attention to this call for enhanced visibility and action.

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