Senate Bill 78 would remove CAPA-CS after 4 years

Frankfort, Ky. Jan 6, 2021. Senator Julie Raque Adams files SB 78 with the clerk of the Senate. Senator Adams and Senator Paul Hornback are the bill's primary sponsors. SB 78 enjoys bipartisan support and already has several co-sponsors.


The path from bill to law within the 2021 Kentucky Legislative Session will require all APRNs to make contact with their legislators to make certain their officials are well informed on the facts and data that support CAPA-CS removal.

What comes next for SB 78 to become a law?

For SB to complete passage and become law it must..

SB 78 filed in Senate. DONE. SB 78, Jan. 6, 2021.

Be assigned to a Senate Committee. DONE. Assigned to Senate License and Occupations Committee, Feb 5, 2021

Weather Cancels General Assembly actions, Feb 16 -19, 2021

SB 78 to be heard in Senate L&O Committee, Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021

Be heard and voted favorably out of Senate Committee. SB78 is voted out of committee 8-2 on Feb 23, 2021. DONE!

ALERT! 5 Unfriendly, Deeply Harmful to APRNs Floor Amendments are filed by Senator Alvarado.

Be heard and voted favorably out of full Senate, SB 78 may be heard by Senate on Friday, Feb. 26, 2021.

Be received in the House.

Be assigned to a House Committee.

Be heard and voted favorably out of House Committee.

Be heard and voted favorably out of full House.

Be received back in the Senate.

Be read and reported favorably (in its current form) by Senate.

Be sent to Governor for signature.

Get signed by Governor.

At each point along the way, NPs need to be ready to make contact with their legislators by call, email or text to ask that they support the bill. Those who oppose SB 78 will exert all their influence and work to mislead or cast doubt on NP motives and abilities.

KANPNM members, friends and allies should plan on making several calls and emails over the course of the session to illustrate the need for increased access to quality healthcare in Kentucky. 

Visit KANPNM's Advocacy Toolbox for advice and tools to help you find your legislator and tips to help get your message delivered successfully.

Get the SB 78 Talking Points -- Eliminate the CAPA-CS

Get the COVID-19 Care SB 78 Talking Points

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Advocacy Toolbox

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Important LRC Phone Numbers

Legislative Message Line


Bill Status Line


Virtual Legislative Day Livestream seen by over 750

Legislative Day went high-tech and virtual this year as members joined together for an interactive livestream in the morning, spent time during the day reaching out to their legislators via call, email, text and more and then rallied back up in the afternoon on a Zoom call to report on their interactions.

If you missed the livestream, you can watch the video of the broadcast from the KANPNM Facebook page. Hear remarks from many of our pro-APRN Legislative Champions like Senators Julie Raque Adams and Paul Hornback, Morgan McGarvey, Tom Buford and Representative Russell Webber.

Review the wonderful information shared in the livestream by KANPNM's President Wendy Fletcher, Legislative Chair Elizabeth Partin, Governmental Affairs & Key Contact Chair Cathy Waits as well as insights and tips on how to be an effective advocate from KANPNM lobbyist Dr. Sheila Schuster.

COVID-19 and Access to Legislators

Making contact with your legislator by reaching their personal cells and communicating by email is VITAL. The General Assembly is observing very strict COVID-19 safety protocols. There is no public access to the annex or legislative offices. Access to the buildings is by appointment only, escorted in and out, wait in vehicles until allowed admittance. 

Kentucky Lawmakers who Support APRNs

KANPNM salutes the Legislative session 2020 lawmakers who worked to increase access to high quality health care for all Kentuckians! These Pro-APRN legislators know that Kentucky patients will benefit when APRNs are allowed to practice to the full extent of their education and training. 


Please make an effort to contact these legislators and thank them for their support. Click here for more info on how to contact them. 

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