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New UofL Center explores effects of pollutants and lifestyle factors on health & diseases

The CIEHS is looking for partners to support its mission and improve the health of Kentuckians.


Luz Huntington-Moskos, CEC Director

Vicki Hines-Martin, CEC Associate Director

Josephine Willis, Community Resource Coordinator


The University of Louisville Center for Integrative Environmental Health Sciences (CIEHS) is a newly establish institution whose purpose is to build a better understanding of the effects of pollutants and lifestyle factors on human health and disease. The CIEHS focuses on undertaking this work through the development of science and collaboration

with communities in the Jefferson county and western Kentucky regions. The Community Engagement Core (CEC) within the CIEHS serves as the bridge between the university’s scientists and the community to share findings, provide community education, identify community priorities, and undertake community engaged projects/research. CEC efforts are directed toward health professionals, urban and rural communities, and youth.

The CEC is reaching out to our community members and organizations to acquaint you with our center and invite you to partner with our organization.

We are looking forward to identifying partners to support our mission and improve the health of Kentuckians. With your organization’s interest and support, the CEC can continue to expand our reach and ensure that communities are safe and have the tools needed to sufficiently tackle environmental health issues in their areas.

How might you be of support? We are interested in collaborating to share information about the center, identify us as a possible resource, provide education to your organization or community and tell us about your environmental priorities, ideas, concerns, and possible opportunities for collaboration.

If you would like to learn more about the work that we have already undertaken, please visit our website:

To comment, give suggestions, or make a request, please see our request form: The CEC would also love to have the opportunity to host or speak at events targeting education of any of our previously specified populations.


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